Quantum Commissions Overview

Quantum Commissions is a product recently released by JayKay Dowdall. It is a simple but effective Traffic + Affiliate Marketing training, focusing specifically on  driving paid traffic from Facebook and selling Clickbank affiliate products.

Having said that, it does not specifically have to be Clickbank products, nor does the traffic have to be paid Facebook traffic. The strategies taught will work in any niche, with any product or service, and with any traffic source.

It’s just that paid FB ads is what JayKay himself is using, and he is driving the traffic to Clickbank products, so this is what the training focuses on, and what his case studies show.

I bought a copy of this myself, and I think it is absolutely excellent.

The first video of the training gives a really good overview of what exactly the course is all about, and what is covered. So I reached out to JayKay and asked would it be ok if I shared this video, just to give you a taste of what you’re getting if you decide to get a copy.

He said yes – so I have uploaded  the Overview Video below.

I have to say, this video really inspired me to jump straight into the course.

And the rest of the videos are equally good. Every step of his process (as set out in the Overview Video above) is covered.

I’ve added a screenshot below of the contents – each heading is a separate video.

Every step in the process is covered. This really is great training.

At the time of writing, the price for this course is $47. 

Because there is so much proof of earnings included in the training, I expect that this will jump to a much higher price point soon – the last training I bought from JayKay for $10.95 now sells for $997 🙂

A Quick Note About the Upgrades

Unlike a lot of products launched now, this is not a massive sales funnel.

There are only 2 upgrade offers.

The first is Inboxxr ($29.95 per month) – it teaches students how to create high converting emails through engaging content.

Since building your list is the central part of the main training, this is a very good upgrade if you want to improve your email marketing skills.

Inboxxr is normally $47/month so you can save over $15/mth by taking advantage of this upsell during the launch.

Offer #2 is Flux-Capacity Traffic ($97) .

This teaches students how to use the same simple low-cost retargeting strategy to bring targeted traffic back to the money page that students build inside the main training.

Personally, I didn’t get the first upgrade (Inboxxer), but I did get the second Flux-Capacity Traffic

It includes 8 videos that teach all about retargeting through Facebook ads. Again, very detailed, very well explained, with real case study examples of how it all actually works.

If you are planning on using Facebook ads as your main traffic source, I would recommend that you consider this upgrade offer as well. Retargeting is a very powerful strategy, and one that is used by a lot of well known and successful marketers.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below or contact me at the link in the menu bar above.

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