Pictory: Is This The Best Vidnami Alternative?

Looking for an alternative to Vidnami? Pictory is fast becoming the best video creation software on the market.

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How to use Camtasia

Demystifying Email Authentication: A Video Guide to DMARC and DKIM Setup

If you do any email marketing, you need to ‘authenticate’ your email in your autoresponder account. These video tutorials show you exactly how to authenticate your sender email address across all the main autoresponder platforms.

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affiliate marketing flow chart

Increasing Your Bottom Line: 7 Profit-Boosting Affiliate Marketing Tactics

7 simple hacks to make more money as an affiliate marketer

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Is Free Traffic Really ‘Free’?

The Pros and Cons of 5 Popular Free Traffic Generation Strategies

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How to use Camtasia

How To Use Camtasia

Camtasia is a simple screen recording and video editing software program. Built with beginners in mind, it’s incredibly popular and easy to use. If you’re brand new to this software, these videos tutorials will show you have to get started with Camtasia.

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HTML For Internet Marketers

When you’re working online, you really don’t need to have brilliant technical know how. But you do need to know the basics, and this 20 part video course ‘HTML for IMers’ covers all the main bases.

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Product Reviews Vs “Best of” Lists

In niche marketing, product reviews can make money, “best lists” can make money.

But which are more effective?

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5 Questions To Ask Before Buying PLR

5 Questions To Ask Before Buying ANY PLR

Thinking of buying PLR? Stop and ask yourself these 5 questions first – it just might save you a lot of money…

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YouTube Channel Mastery Reloaded Walkthrough Video

Adam Payne, one of the most ethical marketers I know – and also one of the best teachers in IM – has released a new product called YouTube Channel Mastery Reloaded.  Video marketing is his area of expertise… and he really is an expert at it. He doesn’t just teach this stuff, he actually does […]

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10 questions

10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Buy Any Online Marketing Product

In the online marketing world, there are countless stories of scams, fly-by-night make money online sites, and claims of fast riches by marketers who disappear even faster once they’ve taken your money. Unfortunately, for the most part, they are true. Anyone who has decided to try their hand at online marketing will come across these […]

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