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Increasing Your Bottom Line: 7 Profit-Boosting Affiliate Marketing Tactics

7 simple hacks to make more money as an affiliate marketer

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Product Reviews Vs “Best of” Lists

In niche marketing, product reviews can make money, “best lists” can make money.

But which are more effective?

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List Building 101: Why You Need A Sales Funnel

No matter what sort of marketing you are involved in, one thing you absolutely MUST have is a list of prospects. No prospects equals no sales. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a salesman (or woman), to make any money, at some point you have to sell something. So you need someone to […]

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How To Generate Passive Income With Continuity Products

Passive income is the dream, isn’t it?  To get up every morning and see money in your Paypal account, in your Clickbank account, in your Amazon affiliates account, wherever, that came in overnight while you slept. But is it just a dream?  With so many scams and false promises in the ‘make money online’ world, […]

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Quantum Commissions Overview

Quantum Commissions is a product recently released by JayKay Dowdall. It is a simple but effective Traffic + Affiliate Marketing training, focusing specifically on  driving paid traffic from Facebook and selling Clickbank affiliate products. Having said that, it does not specifically have to be Clickbank products, nor does the traffic have to be paid Facebook […]

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Why Vendors Won’t Approve You As An Affiliate – And What To Do About It

When you first start out as an affiliate marketer, and you don’t have any track record, it can be very difficult to get approved to promote products as an affiliate – especially in the Internet Marketing niche. Vendors can be very picky about who they let promote their product, for 2 main reasons. 1. They […]

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5 Simple Steps To Promoting Clickbank Affiliate Products

When I first started to learn about affiliate marketing, I was flooded with information. It was complete overwhelm… some days it still is 🙂 Information overload is a real thing, and absolutely does stop you in your tracks. I knew that affiliate marketing was where I wanted to start – no product creation, sales pages, […]

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5 Metrics You Need To Track When Promoting An Affiliate Offer

When promoting an affiliate offer to your online audience there are 5 important metrics to track to determine a successful campaign. Smart affiliate marketers will analyze each metric given here after the promotion is over to determine future affiliate offers to promote. Let’s get straight to it… The number of clicks One of the first […]

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