How To Generate Passive Income With Continuity Products

Passive income is the dream, isn’t it? 

To get up every morning and see money in your Paypal account, in your Clickbank account, in your Amazon affiliates account, wherever, that came in overnight while you slept.

But is it just a dream?  With so many scams and false promises in the ‘make money online’ world, I don’t blame you for being sceptical.

But the truth is, it IS possible to earn passive income online. You of course do have to do some work to create it in the first place – nothing for nothing – but after that it can be pretty much set and forget. 

And I’m going to show you how.

What is passive income?

When you search Google for “how to make money online”, the results you get are almost endless. Page after page of results appear, simply because there really are that many different ways to make money online.

Here is the good news: what you get in those search results is confirmation that it can be done.

What you don’t get is the reality of how difficult it can be to make money online. The truth is that the majority of schemes and systems and tactics do work – at least once.

The difficulty is making them work over and over and over again.

Passive income is income that requires little to no effort to earn and maintain.

In the online world, it means creating or setting up a product or system once, doing the work up front, and then receiving income from it with little or no effort.

And it’s not just a dream. It can be done – and the way to do it is with continuity products.

What are continuity products?

As a consumer, one option you may see when purchasing a product is to sign up for a monthly subscription. In some cases, you’re offered a monthly membership. You decide to purchase once and agree to recurring payments.

The company offering the subscription created the product once and receives recurring revenue, until you decide you no longer want it and cancel. This is a continuity product.

What if you had your own continuity product to offer?

You would be generating passive income in the same way – month after month, receiving revenue from a product, without having to do much to maintain it.

If that’s not enough to pique your interest, maybe the numbers will. According to this study by McKinsey, the subscription e-commerce market grew by over 100% a year from 2012 to 2017. The biggest players in the industry went from making $57 million in 2011 to over $2.6 billion in 2016. That’s a massive increase.

The same study shows that 15% of online shoppers had signed up for at least one continuity program. That was in 2017. Times have changed. There are more internet users now and online shopping has gotten more popular.

Why sell continuity products?

The bottom line is of course what really matters, and this is the main benefit of continuity programs.

When a customer buys once, you’re getting a one-time payment. To get more customers, you must spend a lot of time, money, and effort driving traffic to your product and that eats into your profits.

And we all have a limited amount of time, so there is a limit on how much we can make with one time payment products.

But, if that customer buys a subscription, you receive payments for however long you have the subscription set for – which could be indefinitely.

And here is the thing: The initial sale to that single product one-time buyer takes just as much effort and time as the  sale to the subscription customer… but the subscription customer will keep on paying you again and again.

Having a steady stream of repeat payments come into your account gives an incredible level of security. Think of it in terms of your own regular payments; so for example your rent or mortgage could easily be covered every month just by the income from one membership site.

As long as your customer views your product as good quality, and you provide them with excellent service, they will continue their monthly subscription. 

In a lot of cases, even when they feel like they want to cancel, they probably won’t because they have had many months of value and there just isn’t a good reason to stop.

Honestly, for the customer, it can feel like a hassle to request a stop payment or to send an email to cancel their subscription – this is especially true for ‘micro’ continuity subscriptions, say $7 per month or less.

Once a customer buys a continuity product, they automatically become a repeat customer. It’s reasonable to think that if they purchase a subscription from you they will be more likely to purchase another one.

For example, if your customer has a monthly subscription for facial products, they will be more likely to purchase a subscription for hair products.

And, consider the one-time offering that you can put in front of them. A customer who trusts you and your products is open to purchasing other products or one-time offers – either your own or affiliate offers.

As already pointed out, it takes the same amount of work and effort to get a customer for a one time payment product as for a recurring one.

So with a continuity product, you do the same amount of work – but get paid over and over again, often long after all the work is done.

When you have recurring, monthly revenue and automatic repeat customers, you spend less time and energy and money looking for new customers.

It is always easier and less expensive to get your existing customer base to purchase another product than it is to get a new customer.

Creating you own continuity product

Just thinking about creating your own continuity product can be overwhelming.

Where or how do you even start?

You could start with the things you like and activities you’re good at. Or, you can find a niche and figure out if you have the skills required to launch and sell a product to that niche.

Check out the following types of continuity products/service/programs to see if any of them is a good fit for you:

There are many choices available for a membership program. Coaches and consultants offer this to their clients and to their readers. Often based on courses they created or group coaching resources, they collect a monthly fee for access. 

If you have a lot of content that is valuable to a specific niche, you could collect a monthly membership fee for access to exclusive content they won’t find elsewhere.

This can be for information products – for example a monthly newsletter. This can be in any niche, provided you are able to get enough content to compile a newsletter every month.

PLR can be a great source for this – provided the quality of the content is good.

If you’re interested in selling physical products, you could start a subscription for things you craft: knitted or crocheted items, scented candles, handcrafted soap, hair accessories.

Also known as Service as a Software (SaaS). Some you’ll already be familiar with are web hosting, email services, password management tools, social media management tools. If you’re already in the software industry, this would be a great option for you. If you’re not already in the industry, creating a new software service is expensive and very time consuming.

But of course you don’t have to create the software yourself. You can use existing software to create regular products or services for others, and sell these on a subscription basis.

For example, you could create packs of DFY videos using Vidnami and sell these as a monthly membership. These could be in any niche, and on any topic – you’re limited only by your imagination.

Or you could carry out keyword research using software such as Long Tail Pro, and sell keyword research packs, again on a subscription basis.

In both these cases, you would have to do the work to create the packs, but you could sell them in a fixed term membership site. This way, you would only need to create the packs once, then new members would get the content you had already created.

All seems too much? Take a shortcut...

What if you don’t have a physical product to sell, don’t have the ability to start a software service, or don’t have an existing group of clients you coach or offer consulting services to? You can still make money with continuity products.

To earn continuity income, you don’t need to create your own products. You don’t need to be a coach or consultant with a client base to sell to.

Take a short cut by promoting affiliate products.

All you need is to identify recurring affiliate programs, become an affiliate, and get people to buy them. When they do, as long as they continue to pay the monthly fees for that program, you continue to earn a commission.

How much commission? Every program is different, but there are some that pay out up to 75% % commission – each and every month.

This is the easiest and fastest way to make monthly, passive income with continuity products. The entire process is easy. The only problem you may have is finding the recurring affiliate programs that pay good money. If you don’t have the right tools, you will spend a lot of time and energy searching and vetting and trying various programs. 

The good news is that there is a shortcut to finding a list of recurring affiliate programs that guarantee results. That is, if you don’t want to spend weeks looking for these lucrative programs.

Affiliate Rebill Riches 3.0 is a complete rolodex of recurring commission products listed in the Clickbank marketplace.

Containing over 250+ recurring commissions affiliate programs in 17 different niche categories, this is a treasure trove of products and programs that have proven to be profitable. The products are listed in Clickbank, which means that even if you’re a beginner to affiliate marketing you won’t have any issues getting approved.

Unlike some affiliate networks, Clickbank has developed a reputation for being trusted by visitors and product creators and hasn’t missed a payment since starting in 1998. Their proven tracking and payout process means you get paid for every sale – every month.

If you go down this path, there is no need to create your own product but instead you just focus on promoting other people’s products.

There is no doubt that promoting continuity products – either your own or someone else’s through an affiliate link – are where passive income can be made.

ANYONE can profit from monthly recurring revenue – and there is no better time to get started than now.

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