Making Niche Research Fun (Almost)

If you do any niche marketing, then one of the first things you have to do is choose a niche.

If you’re lucky, it might be something that is your true passion, or maybe just something that you think will be profitable.

But either way, picking the right niche is what will make or break you as an online marketer. 

You have to choose a niche that is big enough to generate interest –  but not too big so as to be too competitive. It has to be a niche where the people interested have money to spend, or you can’t sell anything.

It has to be a niche where there is plenty of ‘low hanging fruit’ –  buyer keywords and search terms that you can rank for.

And it has to be a niche where you can easily get content.

So how do you choose the right niche?

By doing niche research.

But let’s be honest…

Doing niche research is really tedious and boring.

You can spend hours trying to work out what is profitable and what is not.

What has good search volumes and potential demand and what doesn’t.

What level of competition you are likely to face,

But without doing proper niche research you won’t pick the right  niches.

And picking the wrong niches that means you will waste a LOT of time and effort, but will end up with nothing to show for it.

That’s why I was very interested when I saw that Rob Maggs and Chris Jenkins have released a new software suite that makes doing niche research a LOT easier.

But it does much more than niche research. It also includes tools to allow you to harvest content (legally!) that you can use as your own.

The software searches scores of search engines and sites for information about your niche. You get immediate targeted results, and can compile information for product development, to research content for Kindle books, blog posts, social media updates… there really are a lot of possibilities with this.

Rob has recorded a walkthrough video that shows exactly what the software does, so rather than me explaining it, I’ll just drop the video here.

I got a copy of this myself. As well as working in the IM niche, I also do a lot of niche marketing, and I think this software suite will make my life a whole lot easier.

If you decide to get a copy, you will get the opportunity to upgrade to the Pro version. Rob created a video to show what the Pro version includes, and I’ve added this here as well to give you a heads up before you buy.

As you can see,  as well as the extra features, one of the big advantages of upgrading is that you get a lot of products that you can sell as your own right away. Especially if you work in the IM niche, in my opinion this makes the upgrade a really good investment – but it is of course totally optional. The commercial version that you get as the main product will do everything as promised.

I’ve known Rob for years. He has a track record of creating great software that does a very specific job, and does it well,  that is really easy too use, and that (crucially) is very well supported.

If you do any niche marketing, I strongly recommend that you pick up a copy of Niche One.

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