How To Automate Engagement With Aweber

One of the questions that is most often asked, especially by people new to internet marketing, is what is the best autoresponder service?

List building and email marketing is central to any successful online business, so It is very important to choose an autoresponder that is reliable, has good support, and will not let you down.

But the truth is that none of them are perfect.  They all have flaws, all platforms can have down time, email deliverability can go down for no obvious reason. 

Using any autoresponder means you are relying on a third party service. This is never ideal, but it is the reality so you just need to accept that, do your due diligence and make your choice. 

I always recommend GetResponse or Aweber.

There are others, but none are as universally recognised or as well integrated with other platforms, and none have been established for as long as these two – and for something as important as your email list, going with a tried and tested solution is a must IMO.

As for which is the best, there really is very little to choose between the two. Personally I use GetResponse and am happy with it, but I have also used Aweber in the past and it was equally as good. I only changed because at the time GR integrated more easily with the platform I was selling on so it suited me. But now Aweber is also fully integrated.

Whichever one you choose, stick with it. I see a lot of people complaining about their autoresponder on social media, and others recommending they change. The funny thing is you get an equal amount of gripes about both GetResponse & Aweber, and an equal number of people swearing that one is  SO much better than the other.

But the truth is that most of the people complaining about deliverabilty, spam complaints, etc need to look at the content of their emails rather than which autoresponder they use.

There is no point chopping and changing. You absolutely DO need an an autoresponder, but which one does not matter – choose one, learn how to use it, and stick with it.

If you use Aweber, these 20 training videos I have added below should help – they cover how to automate engagement with your subscribers using Aweber. This is PLR created by Charles Harper (if you would like to get the PLR to these to use yourself, you can get it here).

Video #1: Aweber Automation Overview

Video #2: List Creations & Settings 1

Video #3: List Creation and Settings 2

Video #4: Importing Subscribers

Video #5: Forms

Video #6: Sending Broadcasts 1

Video #7: Sending Broadcasts 2

Video #8: Follow Ups

Video #9: Blog Broadcasts

Video #10: Basic Automation

Video #11: Tracking

Video #12: Reports

Video #13: Parsing & Integrations

Video #14: Introduction To Campaigns

Video #15: Creating Campaign Messages

Video #16: Creating a Trigger and Using the Canvas

Video #17: Choosing Actions

Video #18: Customizing The Actions

Video #19: Activation & Editing

Video #20: Conclusion & Wait Time

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