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Thank you for getting a copy of Joe & Barry’s latest DFY funnel through my affiliate link. I’ve created a series of resources for you that I think will help you get the most out of this product – particularly since you got the upgrade offer of the DFY home improvement blog.

Firstly, if you haven’t already got them you can access the bonuses I created for the main product here 

Now, onto the upgrade bonuses…

This niche is really well suited to physical products, and hands down the best affiliate program for this is Amazon.

Commissions on Amazon are much lower, but conversions are much, much higher – they have a trust factor that no other vendor can match. Add to this the fact that once someone is cookied with your Amazon link, you get commission for EVERYTHING they buy on the site, even if it’s totally unrelated, and this means that Amazon can still be very lucrative, even with low commission rates.

By getting the complete DFY site, you have saved yourself a TON of work, and it is the perfect complement to the main list building pack because you can build your list, promote the Clickbank Woodworking offer already included, AND then send the people on your list back to the blog where they will buy products through your Amazon links.

UPGRADE BONUS 1: DFY Amazon Product Research

The home improvement niche is massive, but there are not as many downloadable products (ebooks, videos, etc) that you can promote as an affiliate as there are in some niches. So I think the best way to add extra monetization to this niche (over and above the Clickbank product already included) is by including physical affiliate products on your site, and the easiest and potentially most lucrative affiliate site for this is Amazon. 

So I have commissioned custom made market research specifically for this – links to 59 top selling products with the best customer reviews across 16 different product categories, all related to home improvement. You also get full product descriptions, making creating your own reviews for these products much easier.


UPGRADE BONUS 2: Amazon Auto Links Plugin

One of the easiest ways to add Amazon affiliate monetization to any WordPress site is by using a plugin, ideally one that will automatically add your links to every post. There are a lot of different ones with different levels of automation but most of the free ones are very limited in what they can do, and most of the ones with true automation do not have a free version – but I’ve found one that does everything we need and that DOES have a free version 🙂

It’s called Auto Amazon Links, and it has a free version and a premium version. The premium one does have a lot of extra features, but the free one does allow you to add Amazon products directly to every post of your blog, and crucially products that are ‘contextually’ linked to the content of the page – in other words, the products (automatically chosen)  will be related to the post where they are shown. So for example when I added to to the post about roof repairs, the sort of  products shown are roof sealant, waterproof tape, etc.

This makes this very powerful – and it’s totally set and forget once you have it set up. One issue I do have with it is that there is not much in the way of instruction manuals or help videos, but I have managed to grasp the basics through some trial and error. So here are the basic steps.

NB: This assumes that you already have a WordPress Home Improvement blog (if not, get Barry’s upgrade offer here)

==> Download the free version of Amazon Auto Links plugin here

Install and activate the plugin on your WP site in the usual way.

In your WP dashboard, go to Auto Amazon Links > Settings, add your Amazon affiliate id and click ‘Submit’ (If you are not an Amazon affiliate, you’ll need to sign up first here).

Go to Auto Amazon Links > Add Contextual Unit  – the only fields you need to change are ‘Unit Name’ (use any name of your own choice), and change ‘Auto Insert’ from ‘Off’ to ‘On’ – then click ‘Create’.

And that’s it.

By default the plugin will show 5 related Amazon products at the bottom of every post. You can also add a side bar widget in much the same way, and you can change the way the products are shown, the number of products shown, etc etc – there is a LOT of customization possible. This is a very powerful plugin and I’m really only scratching the surface of what it can do here – but these contextual affiliate links are a great start 🙂

If you have any questions, contact me at the support link below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks again,

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