'DFY Funnel - DIY/Home Improvement'
Main Product Buyer Bonus

Thank you for getting a copy of Joe & Barry’s latest DFY funnel through my affiliate link. This is the bonus that I created for buyers of the main product (the Done For You funnel and emails).

If you also bought the upgrade offer (the complete DFY Home Improvement Blog) I have also created a separate bonus for it – you can access it when downloading that product in your WarriorPlus Purchases Area.

BONUS 1: Getting Started In The Home Improvement Niche

This is a short resource guide, but don’t be fooled – there are links here to a lot of resources that will help you, all designed to make it easier for you to find information and resources that will help you get started and be successful in the DIY/Home Improvement niche.

The resources include help on getting started, examples of successful home improvement sites that you can model and learn from, links to the main home improvement niche ‘influencers’ and specific tips on how to drive traffic to a home improvement site.

BONUS 2: Additional 7 Day Follow On Email Sequence

The product you bought already includes a 7 day email sequence promoting the top Clickbank woodworking product. I have done some digging and found another very closely related product which is also ideal for this audience, and have put together another 7 day sequence that you can add straight onto the end of the 7 day sequence you already have.

I’ve also fully formatted the emails and set them up in software so adding your links takes seconds – literally 🙂

Just fill in the details below, download the emails and add them to your autoresponder.


A note about the upgrade offer

If you also bought the upgrade offer (the complete DFY Home Improvement Blog)  you can access the bonus I created for it through your WarriorPlus Purchases Area  – and ignore the rest of this page 🙂

But if you didn’t take up this this upgrade offer, this is one occasion where I recommend that you reconsider – and here’s why.

This niche is is slightly different than other niches where Barry or I have created these sort of DFY funnels in that there are not as many really good Clickbank products to promote as we normally have – or any other downloadable affiliate products. But what this niche is really well suited to is physical products, and hand down the best affiliate program for this is Amazon.

Commissions on Amazon are much lower, but conversions are much, much higher – they have a trust factor that no other vendor can match. Add to this the fact that once someone is cookied with your Amazon link, you get commission for EVERYTHING they buy on the site, even if it’s totally unrelated, and this means that Amazon can still be very lucrative, even with low commission rates.

And so as a bonus I commissioned product research on the best Amazon products for this niche, AND I have sourced a (free) WordPress plugin that allows you to automatically add Amazon affiliate products onto every page of your site – automatically as in set and forget.

If you haven’t got this yet, you can still get the complete Home Improvement site here and my bonus will be waiting for you in your WarriorPlus Purchases Area after you buy.


If you have any questions, contact me at the support link below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks again,

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