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22nd June 2024

From the desk of Val Wilson 


If you’ve been marketing online for any length of time, you probably already know this….

Affiliate Marketing Is a GREAT Way To Make Money.

It’s how I made my first dollar online, and years later it’s still where a big chunk of my income comes from.

It’s a very simple model – and simple is good.

Someone else creates a product and sets up a website to sell it. You, as an affiliate, promote that website and send traffic to it through your own unique link. If any of the visitors you send buy the product, you get paid a commission.


The beauty of it is you do not have to have a product of your own, you do not have to deal with product delivery, handle customer enquiries, complaints or refunds.

And there is a way to make it
even better...

There is a very easy way that the really smart marketers use to explode their affiliate commissions, without the need for any extra traffic, or any extra work.

A way that you can keep getting paid month after month – even after you stop promoting.

And like all good ideas, it is stupid simple.

Smart Affiliates Promote Products That Pay
Recurring Commissions

YES, it’s as simple as that! The one thing that’s even better than selling affiliate products is selling Recurring Commission affiliate products 🙂


Promoting recurring products is the way the smart marketers generate Passive Income

So Where Do You Find These Products?


– Average $/Conversion
– Description
– Initial $/Conversion, Recurring $, and Gravity
– Affiliate Tools URL & Affiliate Link

I’ve personally went through every product on Clickbank, discarded the ones with incorrect links and low commission payments, and selected ONLY The Highest Paying Affiliate Offers.

Every single one of the top 10 recurring affiliate offers included in this resource has an average rebill – this is the average amount an affiliate makes on all of the rebilled sales – of OVER $300.

This number doesn’t even include the initial sale amount, that’s extra!

Across all 10 products, the average rebill is $485.87!

The top paying product has an Average Rebill Total of $930.01! That means you as an affiliate earn an incredible $930 for every customer you send!


If you seriously want to make big money online and maximize your earnings, then promoting products with recurring subscriptions is a MUST.

The ‘Make Money Online’ or Internet Marketing niche is one where there is massive demand, which is evergreen, and where there are people who will happily pay again & again for products which will make them money – which is why it is PERFECT for recurring commission products!

These products are researched MANUALLY and are 100% UP-TO-DATE!

All these products are listed in Clickbank, so even if you’re just a beginner, you’ll have no issues getting affiliate approval.

And unlike some affiliate networks, you’re guaranteed to get paid – ClickBank is one of the most visited and trusted sites on the net, and has never missed a payment since they started in 1998. Their proven tracking and payout process means that you get paid for every sale.

Some of these programs may pay out recurring commissions on the backend instead of the front end, many of them have multiple backend offers as well as the monthly memberships.

And some of the programs also allow you to earn recurring commissions on MULTIPLE products… Some even lifetime commissions!

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