Jim Daniel's 'Prompt Machine'
Demo Video

I’ve been telling you about Jim Daniel’s ‘AI Freelancer’s Blueprint’, a really good guide that he has written that sets out exactly how anyone can tap into AI to generate income as a freelancer. If you decide to get a copy of the guide, there is also an OTO which I think is really excellent. It’s a ‘robot’ that Jim has created which will automatically do all these freelancing jobs for you. It’s very clever – the demo video he created shows you exactly what it can do, you can watch it below.

It’s very, very powerful, and I think definitely worth getting if you are going to use AI, either as a freelancer, or just for your own use. 

There are 3 purchase options – you can either get the monthly option at $8/month, the annual option at $48/year, or the Lifetime timed, for a $67 one time payment. Personally I think for this sort of software that is constantly being added to, the lifetime option is the best one – but all will do the same job.

Click the button below to get the AI Freelancer’s guide, and you will see the upgrade offer. 

Hope this helps – and as always, if you have any questions, contact me at the support link below.

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