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JayKay Dowdall put this video out just yesterday, and if you do any Clickbank affiliate marketing you really should watch it. He explains a targeting strategy he is using, that is incredibly simple – but very, very clever.

So the strategy is that by focusing on “problem aware” traffic you are able to reach a much larger audience than those searching for “product review” etc.

This type of content addresses the key problem that the audience has, and points them to the ideal solution: The affiliate offer you are promoting

Instead of focusing on “review” and “comparison” keywords, you can use this same content to attract traffic from keywords like:

  • Teach children phonics
  • How to help improve children’s reading
  • How to teach my child phonics
  • How to improve my childs reading
  • Improve child phonics
  • Improve 4yr old reading level

Since this type of video is “problem focused” you can attract 5-10x larger audiences than using “product focused” keywords.

You can apply this to any affiliate marketing you do, but it is particularly good for certain Clickbank products that meet the criteria outlined by JayKay in the video – which is why he is going to use this approach promoting ‘Reading Head Start.”

He is making the content he is using to do this available for others to use (but only for a limited time) and the case study included where you follow exactly what he does with the content himself makes it a great offer for any affiliate marketer.


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