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Hi JVs,

Val Wilson & Andy Waring here…

Thanks for visiting this page and checking out this opportunity to make some great commissions – and to get some list love by offering a quality product to your subscribers 🙂

What we have created here is the ultimate done for you list building funnel – your subscribers can have a full funnel up and running in just a few clicks, and crucially without spending another penny – no website needed (so no hosting) and the way this is set up they don’t even have to pay for an autoresponder!

This is quite simply one of the easiest (and lowest cost) ways your followers will ever see to get their own funnel up and running, fully monetized, and ready to collect leads and make sales.

The Funnel

The Products

FE: No Hurdles D4U Funnel
+ Bump Offer

PRICING: $17, on a dimesale (100%*)
+ Bump Offer $10 (50%)

A full list building funnel, complete with landing page, inbuilt upsell funnel (including guaranteed affiliate approval for all customers), and follow up email training sequence – which also promotes the affiliate offer.

This is all set up in a way that allows buyers to import this whole package in just one click, then the only thing left to do is the make some minor edits to the emails and you’re good to go.

Buyers will not need to spend money on anything else to get started – no web hosting is required, and they can get the  autoresponder account 100% free.

Buyers will get 50% commissions on the affiliate offer promoted to their new subscribers. They also get the chance to increase this to 100% in our $10 bump offer on the checkout page. In Andy’s testing, 70% of buyers took up this bump offer!

* 100% commission during the launch. When the launch ends (at Midnight EST 26th June 2022) the product price jumps to $27, and your commission rate on this will be 50%

Upgrade 1: Extra 14 Day Email Sequence

$13.97 on a timer => $47 (50%)

An extra 14 emails to add on the the 6 included with the front end. This sequence can also be imported in just one click, and the emails promote 4 different products on WarriorPlus, and again buyers are guaranteed affiliate approval.  Each product has a deep funnel, meaning that this sequence can generate up to $988 extra commissions for every subscriber.

Priced at less than $1 per email (on a short cookie based timer) this will convert like crazy.

For any front end buyers who don’t take up this offer, we will be following up with the full priced version (priced at $47)  with bare links, so you’ll get extra commissions from this too.

Upgrade 2: 100% Commission Offer

$97 (50%)

With standard affiliate commissions (mostly set at 50%) buyers can earn up to $988 from this email sequence. This upgrade allows them to get 100% commissions (on all products priced below $90) meaning that they can earn up $1508 across all 54 products included in the affiliate offers being promoted.

This is a VERY attractive offer that a lot of buyers will take advantage of – and you’ll earn $48.50 every time they do 🙂

UPGRADE 3: Complete Set Up Service
(FE Product AND 14 Extra Emails)

PRICING: $197 (30%)

We have designed this product to be very easy to set up, but we know from experience that some buyers will still want to have this all done for them. So we are also offering a complete setup service for buyers, where we create a new list in their Aweber account, import the landing page and the emails, and edit the emails to add their name, links, etc.

This upgrade is for those who buy the main product AND the 14 Day Email sequence, and is priced at $197 (you’ll earn 30% of this).

DOWNSELL 1: Complete Set Up Service
(Front End Product Only)

PRICING: $127 (30%)

We are also offering a complete setup service for those who buy the main product (but do not go for the 14 emails upgrade, where we create a new list in their Aweber account, import the landing page and the 6 DFY emails, and edit the emails to add their name, links, etc.

As there are fewer emails to set up, this is priced at $127.


The contest runs from launch at 11am EST on Thursday 23rd June to Midnight EST on Sunday 26th June 2022, and is based on TOTAL NUMBER OF SALES – ties will be decided by revenue generated.

Contest Terms: You must generate equal or more in commission in order in order the claim that cash prize. If not, prizes will be paid pro-rata. 

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This is a great product you can be proud to promote, and one that will earn you a LOT of affiliate commissions – you can earn up to $144.60 for every customer you send!

Get your link below now –  and if you need anything at all, contact details are also below.

Look forward to sending you many, many commissions 🙂


Val Wilson & Andy Waring

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