Thank you! Before You Get To Your Download...

Would You Like Another 14 Day Email Sequence To Add To The Sequence You Just Bought?

Hi again,

Now I know you want to get to your download, but before you do, we have a very simple add-on offer for you that, frankly, you would be mad to pass up.

So you already have our D4U Funnel, which has everything you need to start building your list, including a high quality, relationship building 6 day email sequence. As well as giving great information, this also promotes an affiliate offer on WarriorPlus, one where you are guaranteed affiliate approval and where you can make over $20 commission for every subscriber (or over $40 if you opted for the 100% bump).

So far, so good…

But what we have put together for you in this upgrade offer gives you the chance to really up these affiliate earnings, and not just by a few dollars…

Increase Your Affiliate Earnings By Up To $988.53!

We have identified another FOUR affiliate offers, offers that together have a total of 54 products included – and you can earn commission on every single one.

Just as with the main offer that you already got a copy of, you will be GUARANTEED affiliate approval for these products. 

And also just like the main offer, we have crafted a professional series of emails with the perfect mix of promotion and giving value to your subscribers.

An extra 14 days of emails, giving you 20 emails in total, all set up for you – all you have to do is just import the 14 email campaign by clicking on a link in the setup guide…

…and then amend a couple of fields in each of the emails, and you are done.

It’s very simple, but again full instructions are included – and in the unlikely event that you ever do have any issues, both of us are very quick to reply to any support requests 🙂

One of the affiliate offers you will be promoting is set up in a way that will make you a LOT more commissions, without ANY more effort. It has a free front end product, so your conversions will be sky high, but you will also be cookied for ALL the vendor’s products – currently 29 products, but more are being added.

So this means that you just send the clicks, and the vendor does all the selling for you. This one funnel alone can make you up to $643 on commissions for every lead you send!

So there’s not really much more to say.

It's a VERY simple upgrade offer

OK... So How Much Will This Cost?

How much would you pay for a professionally written email sequence? A pretty standard price for emails is $50 each – meaning this sequence would cost you $700.

But of course we’re not charging that. We want to make this accessible to everyone, so we think a fair price to charge for these emails is $47 – that’s just $3.35 per email.

But To Really Reward Action Takers...

you can get this for the CRAZY low price of just

That’s less than $1 Each!

But this offer will only be available until the timer hits Zero – when that happens, the price will jump back to $47. Still an incredible bargain, but why pay more?

So click the buy button now, and get this extra 14 day email sequence, with guaranteed affiliate approval for all 4 offers promoted. 4 offers, but with a total of 54 products throughout the funnels and vendor follow up, and as the affiliate you’ll be cookied for every one, with potential earnings of $988 for every lead you put through the sequence!

This really is a no brainer offer.