'Keto 101'
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Congratulations on getting a copy of ‘Keto 101’. You now have the rights to set this up as your own offer, and sell both the main offer (a PDF guide) and the video upgrade as a separate product.

I have set this up in a rebrander, so all you need to do is go through the steps below in the custom made software, add your own details as instructed, download the finished files and all the pages will be personalised to you, with your buy buttons, affiliate links etc already included.

Then you just need to upload the files to your server.

STEP 1: List The Products On Your Payment Processor

You’ll need to first list the products on whichever payment processor (for example WarriorPlus, Thrivecart, etc) you are using (or alternatively, create a Paypal buy link).

Note: Depending on which payment processor you are using, for this listing you may need to know the URLs of the sales and download page.

  • The sales page URL for the main offer will be https://YOURURL.COM/index.html
  • The sales page URL for the upgrade offer will be https://YOURURL.COM/upgrade.html
  • The download page URL for the main offer will be https://YOURURL.COM/thankyou.html
  • The download page URL for the upgrade offer will be https://YOURURL.COM/thankyou-upgrade.html

Replace YOURURL.COM with your own url – and remember to include the subfolder if you are uploading to one. For example if I put all these pages inside a folder on ticketymarketing.com called hwb, so then I would replace YOURURL.COM with ticketymarketing.com/hwb

STEP 2: Add Your Details In The Form Below

STEP 3: Upload To Your Host

Download the completed zip file from above, and upload it to the correct folder in your web host. Once uploaded, unzip the file. You will then see something like this.

STEP 4: Upload TheVideos/Audios To Your Host

The upgrade product includes videos and audios which you also need to upload to your host.

Download the 2 zip files below, and upload them into the folder called ‘dl’ (if these are not uploaded to the correct folder, your buyers will not be able to access their purchase)


And that’s it, you now have your own product (and upgrade) to sell.

I also have extra resources that you can use to promote the Keto 101, including a promotional email sequence, a social media pack, product images, etc – you can download this below.

If you have any questions, contact me at the support link below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks again,

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