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Thanks for getting a copy of these video shorts through my affiliate link. There are many ways you can use these videos, but the 2 main ways are as a list building aid – both to build your list and to improve engagement with your list – and on video sharing sites, particularly those suited to short form content such as TikTok.

Every video comes with it’s own download page, and each one has a ‘Continue’ button below the video which you need should monetize by adding a link to your own offer or an affiliate offer. Because there are 80 or 100 of these pages (depending on which volume you bought), that’s a LOT of editing. But I have discovered a way that you can add your link to every page in just one go – saving you hours of work. The video below explains how.

As these are general internet marketing tips and ideal for beginners, I have also identified a really good affiliate offer that I think is perfect to use as monetization on these videos. It’s excellent ‘Make Money Online’ training with a low price front end offer, meaning high conversions, but also includes high ticket upgrades where can earn up to $2850 per sale – and you will be cookied for these for life.

And onto the second main use of these videos, to build an audience and drive traffic from video sharing sites. If you would like to do this as well, I have found a training resource that is specifically geared to building an IM list using TikTok – it’s the perfect match for these videos. It is not a free offer, but it’s pretty close – you can get it for $1 ūüôā

More Details in the video below (the video shows Volume 2 of these videos, but applies equally to any of these video packs). and I’ll put links to all the resources mentioned below the video.


Resources & Links

How to find and replace words in multiple files (text version of the video instructions above) – click here

If you need Notepad++ you can download it here

Text to search and replace:

<a href=””/><img src=”images/vid_btn_continue.gif”

The offer I think is very well suited to add as monetization on these pages is Legendary Marketer – check it out here

If you want to use these videos to drive traffic from TikTok the $1 training I mentioned is 15-Second Free Leads – check it out here

Hope this helps – and as always, if you have any questions, contact me at the support link below.

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