Bonus for Kevin Fahey's
'Free Affiliate Funnels'

Thanks for getting a copy of Free Affiliate Funnels¬†through either my affiliate link or Barry’s. By doing this, you have now got access to our custom made bonus, which will allow you to start using these free funnels and giveaway products to build your list and make affiliate sales, without having to have any technical know how.

Without this bonus (unless you have Convertri), you would have to re-create all the squeeze and download pages yourself, add your affiliate links manually, re-write the follow up emails and add your links there too – all possible to do, but time consuming and laborious. With this bonus, as soon as you have affiliate approval for the products, this whole process should only take you a few minutes ūüôā

So just to recap, what we have done is selected what we consider to be the best free funnel in Kevin’s pack of 10 in terms of broad appeal and value included – the free traffic training videos, 10X Traffic. We have re-created the squeeze page and download page for this offer in html form. We have rewritten the emails and created a 28 day sequence, starting with the free traffic offer and the related promotion, and incorporating free gifts for your subscribers and affiliate promotions along the way.

The free offers are the best ones included with Free Affiliate Funnels, and again we have recreated all the download pages in html, so your own affiliate links can be added, and your subscribers will be staying on YOUR list, rather than joining someone else’s to get the gift.

And we have set all this up in a custom made software to make rebranding it all very easy.

Just follow the instructions below.

STEP 1: Apply For Affiliate Approval

All the products you will be promoting are on WarriorPlus, so you need to be approved as an affiliate to get your affiliate links. Approval is a manual process so can take a while, so do this right away.

I have added links below to all the funnels included. If you haven’t already, click each one and apply for affiliate approval.¬†

IMPORTANT: Make sure you put ‘Free Affiliate Funnels customer’ in the notes field – otherwise, if you have no sales history on WarriorPlus you will automatically be denied.

Free Traffic Shotgun affiliate signup page
Marketing Power Pack affiliate signup link
Easy Repetitive System affiliate signup page
Commission Five affiliate sign up page
Email Marketing On Fire affiliate signup page
IM Checklists affiliate signup page
Project Restart affiliate signup page
20K Extra affiliate signup page
Productivity Made Simple PLR affiliate signup page
Work From Home Jobs PLR affiliate signup page

Do not start rebranding your pages and emails below until you have been approved for all the products.

STEP 2: Create A New List & Optin Form In Your Autoresponder

While you wait for affiliate approval, create a new list in your autoresponder (any reliable autoresponder will do, but I recommend Aweber or GetResponse Рboth offer free accounts which will work fine for this).

Your autoresponder you use will have instructions on how to create a new list and how to create an optin form. I recommend that you make a very simple form with a transparent background as it will look best on the squeeze page included – but remember as long as you use the Javascript code provided you can go back and edit the form even after it is published on your site and it will automatically update.

IMPORTANT: When creating the form, set the thank you page as a custom thank you page –¬† this page (replace with your own actual site and folder). This is where subscribers go immediately after joining your list.

STEP 3: Create Your List Building Funnel

As soon as you have approval for the affiliate offers, just fill out the fields below, then download the zip file at the end. 

STEP 4: Upload To Your Host

Download the completed zip file from above, and upload it to the correct folder in your web host – this will be the same folder as you input in the first field in the software above.

Once uploaded, unzip the file. You will then see something like this.

STEP 5: Add The Emails To Your Autoresponder

The zip file you downloaded from Step 2 above included a text file called ‘Free Affiliate Funnels Followup Emails – HTML’¬†

This includes all your emails,  already formatted in HTML with your name, affiliate links, etc. 

Simply open this file and copy and paste these emails into your autoresponder, using the HTML editor. ¬†If you’re not sure how, your autoresponder will have instructions.

If you prefer to add your own formatting, we’ve also included a plain text version.

And That's It ūüôā

You now have your own complete affiliate marketing funnel, and a 28 day promotional email sequence with free giveaways included, all on your own monetized download pages.

The links to all your pages will be as follows (replace with your own actual site and folder):

Squeeze page (free 10X Traffic videos)
10X Traffic download page
Affiliate Marketing Done Right download page
Email Marketing On Fire download page
Project Restart download page
Email Marketing Checklist download page
18 Ways To Earn Money Working From Home download page

All you have to do now is drive traffic ūüôā

If you have any questions, contact me at the support link below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks again,

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