'DFY Funnel - Decluttering'
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Thank you for getting a copy of Joe & Barry’s latest DFY funnel through my affiliate link. You can access the bonus that I created for you below.

BONUS 1: Getting Started In The Decluttering Niche

This is a short resource guide, but don’t be fooled – there are links here to a lot of resources that will help you, all designed to make it easier for you to find information and resources that will help you get started and be successful in the Decluttering niche.

The resources include help on getting started, examples of successful decluttering sites that you can model and learn from,  links to top influencers in this niche, and to some of the best PLR on this topic.

BONUS 2: Decluttering Content Brief

This is a decluttering ‘content brief’ I created and the idea is to help you come up with content ideas and guidelines for creating really good content in this niche. You can use this yourself to create content, use the info included to help create good prompts in ChatGPT, or give the brief to your content writer if you outsource your content creation.

BONUS 3: Instagram Traffic Takeover Workshop

This is a niche that is particularly suited to getting traffic from Instagram – there are a LOT of decluttering influencers on Instagram because there is a big audience there for this niche. So I have created a coupon code for my ‘Instragram Traffic Takeover Workshop’, a full course showing you exactly how you can tap into this massive traffic source yourself. The link below will take you straight to the checkout page with the coupon already applied – please do not share this with anyone else!


I hope this all helps. If you have any questions, contact me at the support link below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks again,

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