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22nd June 2024

From the desk of Val Wilson 

OK, I’ll cut straight to the chase…

One of the biggest challenges affiliate marketers face is the constant need to drive traffic to the offers they promote. A good proportion of the visitors you send will not buy – typically around 95% will leave without getting their credit card out. 

And for the ones that do, you get paid once and then have to continually go get new traffic to keep the money coming in.

Smart marketers find ways to do this but truth be told, it can become a bit of a treadmill.

And once you stop sending that traffic… your commissions stop dead too.

Hardly “passive”, is it?

But there is a way that the really smart marketers use to explode their affiliate commissions, without the need for any extra traffic.

A way that you can keep getting paid month after month – even if your traffic does tail off.

What you’re about to discover can instantly catapult your affiliate commissions to a new level – without the need for any extra work.

And like all good ideas, it is stupid simple.

Smart Affiliates Promote Products That Pay
Recurring Commissions

YES, it’s as simple as that! The one thing that’s even better than selling affiliate products is selling Recurring Commission affiliate products 🙂

Just think about this… Wouldn’t it be great if you could promote ONCE but get paid month after month, like clockwork, without putting in ANY extra effort?

The simple fact is that it takes the same amount of time and effort to promote a product that pays you just once as it does to promote one that pays you recurring commission month after month.

If you truly wish to attain freedom, you really need to start generating genuinely passive income for yourself. Traditional affiliate marketing with one-off payment products cannot do this… the amount you can make is directly tied to the amount of work you put in.

Promoting recurring products is the way the smart marketers generate Passive Income

Now, it sounds pretty much like a no brainer… do the same work, get paid once OR do the same work, get paid again and again.

And it is… but that really doesn’t do justice to the true power of recurring products.

To show you what I mean, let’s do the maths.

Say that we’re promoting a $47 product as an affiliate, and you earn 50% commission – so $23.50 for every sale.

Let’s say you send 1000 visitors a month to an affiliate product – that’s about 30 visitors per day, very do-able.

Now let’s say you get a 5% conversion rate (meaning of every 100 visitors you send, 5 will buy).

So every month you sell 50 products (5% of 1000) and earn $23.50 X 50 = $1,175 – or $14,100 in a year.

Not too bad…

But let’s say you promote a different $47 product on Clickbank, this time with a recurring monthly membership also at $47 (again, 50% commission).

You send the same 1000 visitors per month, get a 5% conversion, so your total earnings in month 1 are still $1,175.

In month 2 you send the same amount of traffic, so make another $1,175…. but you also make up to $1,175 from LAST MONTH’s traffic!

Even if we allow for a drop off rate of 10% (as members leave), you’ll still earn an EXTRA $1,057.50 – so total earnings in Month 2 are $2,232.50!

And that’s just month 2 – this just keeps on growing.

Month 3, do the figures again, and it comes out as $1,175 (from Month 3 buyers) + $1,057.50 (remaining Month 2 buyers) + $951.75 (remaining Month 1 buyers) = $3,184.25

Take a look at the table below…

Keep this up, and over the year you’ll make $64,507.50!


Can You See The Incredible Power of Recurring Commissions?

For Exactly The Same Effort, Instead of $14,100
You’ve Made $64,507.50!

So the question is, Where do you find these recurring products to promote?

They are out there… but sadly there is no easy way to find them.

It’s just a case of manually searching through all the affiliate networks, looking for products with recurring commissions, checking out the sales pages, finding affiliate sign up pages, going through all the stats – conversion rates, refund rates, EPCs… and lots more.

Bottom line is this…

Hunting down these affiliate programs that pay out recurring or lifetime commissions takes a LOT of hard work… weeks if not months.

If you’ve ever tried to use the search feature in the Clickbank Marketplace, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

But that’s where this I can help. See, you don’t have to trawl through this and do all this work…

…because I’ve done it all for you 🙂

250+ Recurring Affiliate Programs

In Affiliate Rebill Riches 3.0 You’ll get 17 separate lists containing over 250+ RECURRING COMMISSIONS affiliate programs In 17 Different Niche Categories.

These products are researched MANUALLY and are 100% UP-TO-DATE!

All these products are listed in Clickbank, so even if you’re just a beginner, you’ll have no issues getting affiliate approval.

And unlike some affiliate networks, you’re guaranteed to get paid – ClickBank is one of the most visited and trusted sites on the net, and has never missed a payment since they started in 1998. Their proven tracking and payout process means that you get paid for every sale.

Some of these programs may pay out recurring commissions on the backend instead of the front end, many of them have multiple backend offers as well as the monthly memberships.

And some of the programs also allow you to earn recurring commissions on MULTIPLE products… Some even lifetime commissions!

Only the best products are included, those that are selling NOW

You’ll get the following information for each of


Name of Product


Product URL

Average Rebill Payout

Affiliate Signup URL


Here’s the full list of 17 niches

That’s 17 of The Most Popular Niches
On The Entire Internet!

We’ve went through every product on Clickbank, discarded the ones with poor sales pages and low commission payments, and selected ONLY The Highest Paying Affiliate Offers.

Every One of the 250+ affiliate programs has AT LEAST $50 average rebill – this is the average amount an affiliate makes on all of the rebilled sales – this number doesn’t even include the initial sale amount, that’s extra!

Across all 253 products, the average rebill is $286.74!

The top paying product has an Average Rebill Total of $1,886.20! That means you as an affiliate earn an incredible $1,886 for every customer you send!


If you seriously want to make big money online and maximize your earnings, then promoting products with recurring subscriptions is a MUST.

And this huge database of recurring paying affiliate programs which is a result of MONTHS of painstaking research will cut short your own research time & allow you to profit instantly from it…

Stop settling for measly commissions and skyrocket your affiliate commissions with the same amount of effort with this GOLDMINE!

But that’s not all…



The Successful Affiliate Strategy

In the comprehensive guide, you’ll learn the 6 Simple Steps to becoming a Clickbank Super Affiliate

This is a step by step guide that anyone can follow. Combine this with the information you get in Affiliate Rebill Riches, and you’ve got a killer combination!


Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint is a paid video training course that normally sells for $27 and it will really kick start your affiliate marketing business – the perfect complement to Affiliate Rebill Riches.

Here’s the full list of what’s covered in this comprehensive video training

Module 1: Introduction To Affiliate Marketing: Plans & Strategies

This is an introductory coaching video to assist you more on understanding of how affiliate marketing works. This will give you a great grounding, so that you can start to work it out your own affiliate business with a proper plan, the right tools, and the right mindset!

Module 2: Choosing The Most Profitable Product To Promote

In this video you will learn you how to choose the best products to promote, how to determine an affiliate program’s profitability, and how to find and navigate different marketplaces.

Module 3: Review Writing Technique

Words can play magic. In this module, you will learn how to write a clear, simple and yet effective review regarding the products. You can pull in a massive commission for every deal you have sealed through your “magical” review!

Module 4: The Power Of The Bonus Technique

This module will teach you the secret to double your commissions (or more!) by using bonuses to give those sales an extra boost. This is the first step to becoming a super affiliate!

Module 5: Building Your Affiliate Business Empire

You will learn the methods needed to generate 5 figures per month and upgrade yourself to a Super Affiliate! It’s not just about the money… becoming a super affiliate means that you have built your credibility in the business, and opens up doors like you wouldn’t believe!

Module 6: Generating Traffic – Solo Ads

Good affiliate marketing is based on generating traffic, and building a mailing list. This video teaches how to generate traffic by using solo ads and look for prospective buyers who are in the same niche or market.


ALL Future 'Affiliate Rebill Riches' Updates

Clickbank products often change, old products move off the marketplace or are listed elsewhere, and new ones take their place. I always keep my products up to date – this is the third version of Affiliate Rebill Riches

If you buy Affiliate Rebill Riches 3.0 today, you will also receive all future product updates, as and when they happen,  without paying a penny extra.

All the buyers of versions 1.0 and 2.0 have already received the updated product FREE OF CHARGE (if you’re one of these customers, don’t buy again, just login to your member’s area and Version 3.0 will be there!)

Some marketers regularly release updated products and make existing customers buy again.

That’s NOT how I roll 🙂

I like to look after my customers, so all buyers of Affiliate Rebill Riches will automatically get all future updates.

OK, Sounds Good. How Much?

When you take a look at the time and effort that went into this, and the value of what you’re getting here, you can see how it would be perfectly reasonable for me to ask for $97.

With this information, you’ll easily be able to make that back again month after month.

But I like to really over-deliver. And, if I’m honest, I have selfish motives. I want you to be blown away with the value and quality of this product – that way, when I show you some of my other products further down the line, I know you’ll jump at them 🙂

So you can get this now for

And just in case you're still on the fence...

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Hope to see you in the member’s area,

PS: Remember, smart affiliates work smarter, not harder.

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