Introducing Liz Tomey’s…

“Instagram Traffic Takeover” 

Covering EVERYTHING you need to know to get all the traffic you want from Instagram

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Hi again… 

Instagram just keeps getting more and more popular and there is a lot of traffic to be had from this Internet giant.

Some stats for you… 

You are missing out if you are not posting on Instagram!

In The Instagram Traffic Takeover Workshop Liz will show you exactly how to use Instagram, how to get your business setup on Instagram, everything you need to know about Instagram content, how to get to your first 1,000 followers… and so much more.

By the time you get done with this workshop, you will be an Instagram expert and have all the know how to use Instagram to create a never ending stream of traffic into your business.

With what you’ll be taught in this online workshop, you can use Instagram to…

  • Build your email list
  • Sell your digital products
  • Sell your physical products
  • Sell your services
  • Sell anything as an affiliate marketer
  • Get traffic to all your content

…or anything else you want!

If you want to learn all of her personal strategies for getting a ton of traffic from Instagram make sure you grab your spot in this workshop!

Here's exactly what Liz covers in this exceptional training

Traffic Battle Plan Creation

Before you even get started you absolutely MUST have a plan. On Day 1 we will cover EVERYTHING you need to know about Instagram. All the different parts of it (Posts, Reels, IGTV, Stories), how you want to use Instagram for traffic, and getting your Instagram profile setup so you can get the most traffic!

By the end of today you will know everything you need to know about HOW Instagram works, have a complete plan on how YOU are going to use it to get traffic, AND have an optimized profile ready to suck all the traffic possible out of Instagram.

The Hashtag Traffic Strategy Formula

The quickest and easiest way to get a ton of followers on Instagram is to use the CORRECT hashtags. Today we will spend going over how hashtags are used, HOW to find the best ones to get the most and highest quality followers, how many to use, how often, and so much more.

By the end of today you will have your very own customer hashtag strategy, know when, where, and how to use them. And be on track for getting a ton of followers simply by using hashtags using Liz’s personal formula.

Your Instagram Content For Traffic Plan

Content is the secret ingredient that gets people OFF of Instagram and into YOUR business. Today we will cover the different kinds of content you can post on Instagram, where to get that content, and the specific uses of different kinds of content.

Content can be used to get followers, get people into your business, build relationships and so much more and after today you’ll know what content to use and when. Plus you’ll see you how to quickly and easily create a TON of traffic getting content especially for Instagram.

By the end of today you’ll have an Instagram profile full of content and know exactly what to do day to day to keep using content to get followers and traffic into your business.

Your First 1,000 Followers

And this is where the magic happens! To get traffic from Instagram you’ve got to have followers who are interested in you and what you have to offer. Today Liz will show you every tactic she knows for getting your first 1,000 followers on Instagram.

Imagine having thousands upon thousands of followers that you can direct to anything you want in your business? That’s traffic on demand!

By the end of today you will know exactly what to do to start on your first goal of 1,000 followers who are interested in YOU and what YOU have to offer.

The Day To Day Instagram Traffic Plan

Today we will wrap things up and create a customized plan for YOU on what you need to be doing each day on Instagram to get traffic 24/7 from your efforts.

Thanks to technology you’ll see how to automatically post content to Instagram daily (saving you LOADS of time) and then all the little things you need to do in just an hour a day to keep the traffic coming into your business.

By the end of today you will be an Instagram expert and have all the know how to use Instagram to create a never ending stream of traffic into your business!

Once you go through these 5 days, you'll know everything you need to know about marketing on Instagram, and be able to copy Liz's personal strategy for consistently getting free traffic day in and day out from this ever growing site.

Here's How It Works

The workshops were recorded live with a live audience watching.

This is hands down the best way to help people. Simply SHOW them what is being done, so they can do it for themselves.

Remember…These online workshops aren’t just based on theory. These workshops are based on what a six figure a year earning online marketing expert has tested and found to work.

And… These online workshops aren’t just someone talking in front of a Powerpoint slides either!

This is you WATCHING a top online marketer on a laptop actually DO everything they are teaching.

You get to watch from your computer (or phone) right over the shoulder just like you were there sitting in the room.

There are no steps left out, and it’s why 1000’s of people have come to this successful marketer to learn!

But that's not all...

Ongoing Help, Way After You Have Completed The Workshop

Not only are you going to get access to the entire “Instagram Traffic Takeover Workshop” but you’ll also get access to Liz’s Private Mastermind Group.

This is where you can get quick help on anything you need, network with other attendees, even promote your business on certain days… and generally have a load of fun 🙂

This group will massively accelerate your progress.

The Private Mastermind Group was created as an add on here because you shouldn’t ever feel like you’re alone or that you can’t get help.

Being a “solopreneur” can sometimes be a lonely occupation. Sometimes we get stuck on something and if there is nobody on hand to help, we quit.

With the Private Mastermind Group you’ll never have these problems again.

There’s always some lively discussion going on. Liz is in there to help you, along with a lot of other super smart marketers who are just a little further along “the journey”, and there are even days where you can promote your business to the group, and even “group promotions” where everyone helps each other promote our businesses.

The Private Mastermind Group alone is worth 10X the price you’ll pay to get access to the whole workshop, so make sure you join it and make sure you use this amazing resource.

Are You Ready To Finally Discover How To Get All The FREE Traffic You Want From Instagram?

Everything Is Covered...

You will get the complete 5 day workshop PLUS access to the Private Mastermind Group where you can join in the discussion, ask questions and get on-going help.

Liz is covering EVERYTHING you need to know to get all the traffic you want from Instagram.

Literally… EVERYTHING!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will be automatically be made a member of the secure “members only” area where you will find all of the workshop material – videos and supporting documents downloads. There is also a link to the Private Mastermind Group

Every single day of the workshop has been recorded. You will have access to the recordings and ALL teaching aids for EACH day. You will have access for a minimum one year. The recordings aren’t going anywhere and every effort has been made to ensure that the teaching is “evergreen”.

This workshop starts as soon as you purchase and you can go through it day by day, all at once, or however you want!

There is a 7 day “cooling off period”. All refund requests should be made within 7 days of purchase by emailing a request to Please be aware that when a refund is actioned, you automatically lose access to the members area.

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